Hostel ConScience, an initiative we started only two months ago, has kept us as busy as if we had started it a year ago. In our last event, we had one of those times that are worth remembering. We were taken on a journey through galaxies, stars and space formations, we could learn about the Evolution of a star, from it’s birth tight to the moment of it’s death.

These phases were compared to the human growth from the moment we are born, how we grow, reproduce and finally pass on. All of this was explained in a brilliant manner by our deluxe lecturer. Jorge Bueno Gómez the author of the blog Accelerating Science gave a a Stellar presentation that showed us the trajectory of this fantastic blogger.

It was a great pleasure for our audience to learn about all the cosmic bodies, stars, constallations that we are able to see everyday, anytime the light pollution allows it.

This is our main goal in Hostel ConScience, to stimulate the cultural debate and the approach between Science and the general public. We would like to thank Jorge and his followers for making this event an event to remember.

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