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Far Home Group aims to provide comfort to our customers that enjoy “Living Traveling”.

The Far Home Group Company began its activity in 2011 with a small hotel located on Chinchilla street in Madrid.

Within Far Home Group we have two companies in the field of construction and projects:

Eytel Instalaciones Técnicas S.L and Arquitecturas A22 S.L. Thanks to this, we have not stopped growing and creating new Hotel Spaces.

The soul of our team, made up of professionals from all fields, is to seek aesthetics and uniqueness through an optimal value for money that contributes to the renovation of the historic centers of cities, thus giving an opportunity to buildings that are difficult to revitalize.

Currently Holding Far Home Group is in the process of Expansion and already has projects in several European cities such as Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.

Far Home Group over the years experienced a Constant, Safe, and Sustainable Growth Process thanks to the experience and professionalism of Our Team.

Far home Group, in its commitment to science, dedicates part of its profits to the promotion of young scientists, providing them with a place to exhibit, disseminate and present their projects, promoting subsequent dialogue and debate. All this around a good wine or a well-drawn beer.

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