Hostel ConScience is the new initiative from Far Home Hostels. After a period of intense planning, Far Home Hostels is ready to receive Science in our own home. Joining numerous entities that are trying to bring Knowledge to every person everywhere. This is a new concept, an innovative space created by scientist and catered for scientists. On this month of July, we are launching what we hope will be a series of presentations and cultural gatherings of the best talent in Madrid. Colors, sounds, space and lights will produce an exiting and unforgettable experience. This fantastic new space will be the stage for different presentations about Science and Society, promoting the exposure of all types of talents. On July the 21st we will have a local scientist as the pioneer of our new endeavour, where she will share, first hand, her work on environment and chemical engineering. From the entire team at Far Home Hostels, we would love to invite you to join us on this first meeting at Hostel ConScience. What’s missing at Atoch 45? Just YOU!!


OFERTA Entradas Estadio Bernabeu

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