Very often, we tend to associate the Scientific Information with long and heavy talks full of technical phrases aimed only to the experts in the area. It is not surprising, given the fast rhythm people have nowadays, the limited time that we have, commitments, family, we focused on our own world and forget about learning and knowledge altogether.
In this era of inmediate information, the spread of scientific information and knowledge is at its best moment. Every single day, we learn through Social Media about a new discovery, a new disease, the latest news, and brand new material…and Why Not?? A new Blogger, A new Twitter User, a new Informant… If we think that all this knowledge is far from our understanding capacities, we are wrong.
To a great extent, we all have a friend with a particular situation or pathology, we could all have a problem with our homes, with our computer networks or not being able to answer those special questions children might ask. Scientific Information can help us understand many of these situations, without having a source other than Wikipedia.
From Hostel ConScience nights, we want to send this message, We need Scientific Information in our lives, to know how the human body reacts to different illnesses, the potential offered by our planet’s natural resources, technology and it’s craziest applications…. Science and Culture in a space created to fill our minds with knowledge on these wonderful summer nights of Madrid.

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